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1200℃ double tube CVD system

1200℃ double tube CVD system

Product Overview:
   This system is a special dual-tube CVD system, which is specially designed for growing thin films on metal foils, especially for the research on flexible metal foil electrodes of a new generation of energy. The sliding furnace can realize rapid heating and cooling of materials.

Technical Parameter:

product name

1200℃ double tube CVD system

The first part: 1200℃ double tube CVD system

Product number


Furnace tube size

Double quartz tube

Outer tube: OD 100 x ID 96 x 1400 mm

Inner tube: OD 80 x ID 75 x 1800 mm

Heating zone


Power supply

230V, single phase, 50HZ


4.0 kw

Heating element

Resistance wire

Heating rate



 Type K

Part 2: Water cooling system


1. Water chiller CW-3000

2. Water-cooled, sealed double-tube vacuum flange: Allow reaction gas to react between the two tubes (10mm gap), and the cooling gas is directly passed into the inner tube.

Part Three Vacuum System

Vacuum system

1. Anticorrosive digital display vacuum gauge   

2. VRD-16 rotary vane pump, pumping speed 4L/S, including flapper valve KF25 interface, bellows and box

Part Four Air Mixing System

Mass flowmeter


MFC 1: 0~10 sccm  

MFC 2: 0~200 sccm  

MFC 3: 0~10 slm  

MFC 3: 0~10 slm  


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