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1000 degrees rapid annealing furnace

1000 degrees rapid annealing furnace

Product Overview:
    This customized rapid annealing furnace is composed of RTP (rapid thermal processing) tube furnace, multi-channel proton flowmeter system and vacuum system. It is designed for semiconductor substrates and solar cells or other samples (up to 3" in size) Designed for annealing. This equipment is heated by infrared lamps, and the fastest heating rate is 50°C/sec. 30-stage precise temperature control, RS485 interface and control software can control the operation of the furnace through a computer and display the temperature curve.
Technical parameters:

product name

Customized rapid annealing furnace

Part 1: Tube furnace

product name

Open RTP tube furnace with upper and lower temperature zones  


Up to 1000 degrees


LCD touch screen

Furnace tube size

Quartz tube outer diameter 80mm/inner diameter 72mm single side opening  

Heating zone


Furnace type


Power supply

 Voltage: 380V; Frequency: 50 Hz; Three-phase

Heating element

 Halogen heating  

Heating rate

 30 C/sec


  K-type thermocouple measures the temperature of the material

Temperature Controller

30-segment high-precision digital programmable temperature controller

 Part Two Air Mixing System


MFC1: Oxygen (O2) 0-200sccm

MFC2: Argon (Ar) 0-200sccm

The third part of the vacuum system

Feiyue VDR-4 1L/S + dust filter supporting anti-corrosion digital vacuum gauge

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