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1100℃ Rapid rise and fall temperature tube furnace

1100℃ Rapid rise and fall temperature tube furnace

Product overview:
   This RTP tube furnace is a tube furnace that can quickly heat up and cool down. It is heated by infrared lamps to achieve a rapid temperature rise effect (maximum heating rate> 50°C/S), which is achieved by sliding the furnace body Fast cooling effect.

technical parameter:

Furnace structure

Double air cooling

temperature control

PID 30-segment programming control, with overheating and burnout protection

Fastest heating rate


Maximum temperature

1100℃; Continuous working temperature: 950℃ (up to 1 hour);


K-type thermocouple measures the temperature at the sample;

Tube outer diameter

100 mm

Heating zone length


Heating element

Infrared tube

Furnace tube material

High purity quartz tube

Quickly cool samples

Can be forced to air cooling; blowing N2 or compressed air.

Sliding range

It can be automatically controlled by the temperature control instrument. When the temperature program is finished, the furnace body will slide from the right end to the left end according to the set speed

Vacuum system (optional)

Rotary vane pump, diffusion pump unit, molecular pump unit

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