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Large diameter vacuum atmosphere tube furnace

Large diameter vacuum atmosphere tube furnace

Big tube size , long constant tem. zone, precise tem., suitable for multi-sample sintering or medium experiment.
Can put inner tube into the bid size outer tube, make big-area monolayer graphene growing test.
The device widely used in the field of semi-conductor, nanometer material, carbon fibre, graphene, etc. with cost-effective feature.

Technical Parameter:
Power rated: 12KW (208-240V)
Voltage Voltage rated:  AC208-240V 50/60HZ
Working Temperature Max. Temperature: 1100℃ ( 1 hr)
Continuous working temperature: ≤1000℃
Recommended heating Rate: ≤10℃/min

Temperature Controller
PID automatic control and auto-tune function.
30 programmable segments for precise thermal processing.
Built-in protection for the over-heated and broken thermocouple. 
Length of heating zone 300+300+300mm
Length of constant zone 150+200+150mm
Heating Elements Resistance wire, Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1℃
Dimensions Tube size: Φ150/210/280*1400mm (optional)
Overall size: 1300*650*1000mm
Two fibrous ceramic tube blocks are included for blocking heat radiation generated from tube center. (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating).Quartz blocks also optional

Vacuum Flange
Folding flanges
Vacuum Pressure 133torr can be achieved by mechanical pump
10^-6 torr can be reached by molecular pump
Please click the picture below to order vacuum pump
Net Weight 250kg
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support  (Such consumable parts as tube, quartz block, and O-rings, etc. are NOT supported by the warranty)
Warning Small cracks may appear on the surface of the refractory ceramics over extended use. This is a normal occurrence and the cracks may be repaired with alumina coating.
Compliance CE Certified
All electric components ( >24V) are UL / MET / CSA certified
The furnace is ready to pass TUV (UL61010) or CSA certification at extra cost. 
Operation instructions Click to download the operating manual

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