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Rotary inclined tube furnace with touch screen

Rotary inclined tube furnace with touch screen

This rotary inclined tube furnace with touch screen is mainly used for homogeneous sintering of inorganic compounds (mineral compounds) in powder metallurgy, ceramics, refractories, batteries, new energy and other research.
Technical Parameter:
Product Name Rotary inclined tube furnace with touch screen
Model PT-1200TX
Display Touch Screen
Furnace Strutrue Double-layer housing
Cooling system Air-cooling system
Tube Material
Reducer Quartz Tube
Tube Diameter 80-110-80mm(OD)/74-104-74mm(ID)
Heating zone length 750mm
Max Tem. 1200C
Working Tem. ≦1100℃
Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating Cruves 30 steps programmable
Safety Device Ultra high temperature alarm
Chamber Material Alumina fiber
Heating Rate 0--10℃/min
TemperatureControl Accuracy ±1℃
Furnace door structure Split type
Heating element Electric wire with mo
Power Supply 230-400V 50/60 HZ
Max output power About 6kw
Tilting Angle 0-30℃
Tube rotating Speed 0-10rpm
Mobile box
The lower box is a movable box, and can also be used as a material rack, and the whole furnace is easy to
Sealing Flange
Right side is hinge vacuum flange
Left side is standard manual vacuum flange

Valve Including on Check valve
2-Channel Mass flow meter
(Touch Screen)
Two precision mass flow meters :
MFC1: 0 to 3 SLM(L/min), accuracy ±1.5 % F.S(full scale) N2
MFC2: 0 to 3 SLM(L/min), accuracy ±1.5 % F.S(full scale) CO2
Gas type according to your choice
3 stainless steel needle valves is installed on left side of bottom case to control 2 type gases mixing manually
Standard Accessories
Reducer Quartz tube ×1pc
Furance handle hook×1pc
Protective gloves x 1 pair
Sealing flange x1set
Allen key x 1 pc
Package Wooden box
Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as
heating elements are not covered by the warranty)

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