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1400℃ Rotary Tube Furnace

1400℃ Rotary Tube Furnace

Rotary tube furnace is a high temperature reactor with special rotary and tilt function. It is specially designed for sintering of inorganic compound, such as, mineral particles and battery material and with better uniformity. Multi heating zone, condenser and tail gas collect equipment can be optional part according to different experiment
Technical Parameter:

Model KJ-T1400
Display LED
Max. Temperature 1400℃ Max for < 1 hours
Continuous working Temperature ≤1300℃
Heating Rate Suggestion 0~10℃/min
Temperature Zone 300+400+300 mm
3 hot zones
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Tube Diameter Ф110 mm OD
Tube Material Mulite tube
Tube sealing One side of tube is with feeder
  The other side is with outlet

cover for tube and container for samples.  
Heating Element Sic heating elements
Tube Rotating Speed 0-10 RPM
Furnace Tilt Angle 0~5℃
Thermocouple S Type x 3 pcs
Tube Function Rotating and tilt function.
Max. Power 15 KW
Working Voltage AC 380V 3 phases, 50Hz
Temperature Control 3 sets PID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating curves 30 steps programmable
Chamber material Alumina Fiber
Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as heating elements and mulite tube are not covered by the warranty)

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