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The basic knowledge that laboratory tube furnace users need to master

The key application fields of laboratory tube furnaces are used in laboratories and small batches of colleges, research institutes, factories and mines. It is safe, reliable, easy to use, high temperature control, good thermal insulation effect, large temperature range, good temperature uniformity in the furnace, many temperature zones, optional atmosphere, and vacuum sintering furnace.
The installation procedure of the laboratory tube furnace is definitely known to the customer, and mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Installation procedure of the furnace body: The electric furnace can be placed on the workbench, and the actual weight of the operation platform should be more than 200Kg.
2. Electrical installation: switching power supply is equipped with: 220V (380V). The power supply according to the customer's electrical cabinet should exceed 4Kw.
3. The thermocouple is inserted into the furnace with a height of 25 mm. The N-index compensation wire is connected to the temperature control instrument. Note: Thermocouples should be installed after the quartz tube is installed, and the thermocouple cannot be touched with the quartz tube.
4. The electric furnace and the control cabinet are grounded integrally, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4Ω.
5. Resistance wire connection method: two parallel, switching power supply: single phase 220V (or 380V).
6. Inspection and anti-loose: Due to transportation, etc., the anti-loose condition of each screw of the furnace body should be checked to determine the correctness.
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The advantages of tubular furnaces are introduced:
   1. The process is mature;
   2. The furnace type is simple;
   3. The actual operation is easy, easy to control, and continuous production;
   4. The yield of ethylene and propylene is high and the product concentration is high;
   5. Less power consumption and high thermal efficiency;
   6. Most of the cracked gas and flue gas can be managed to recover;
   7. The scope of application of raw materials is expanding with the advancement of cracking technology;
   8. It can be combined with large furnaces for large-scale production.

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