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What preparatory work should be done before the operation of vacuum sintering furnace?

What preparatory work should be done before the operation of vacuum sintering furnace?

The preparation work of vacuum sintering furnace before operation is as follows:
vacuum sintering furnace


1. Check the power supply system of the vacuum pump, the belt of the belt disc is tightened, and whether the vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil seal observation hole.

2. After checking, the belt disc of the vacuum pump can be manually rotated. If there is no abnormality, the vacuum pump can be started when the butterfly valve is closed.

3. To check the condition of vacuum sintering furnace, it is required that the vacuum furnace should be hygienic at the first level, the induction coil should be well insulated, the sealing vacuum tape should be elastic and the size should be qualified.

4. Check whether the lever handle of the vacuum furnace body is flexible to start.

5. Check whether the rotating Maxwell vacuum gauge meets the requirements.

6. Check the graphite crucible and whether the furnace fittings are complete.

7. After the above preparations are completed, turn on the power supply, turn on the medium frequency power supply, try to start the frequency conversion according to the intermediate frequency start-up rule, and stop the frequency conversion after success before the furnace can be opened.

8. The observation and temperature measurement holes on the top of the vacuum furnace body should be cleaned every time the furnace is opened for observation and temperature measurement.

9. According to different sintered products, appropriate charging methods should be adopted. Packing according to relevant material charging rules shall not be changed at will.

10. In order to maintain constant temperature and prevent thermal radiation, two layers of carbon fibers are added to the heating crucible and then covered with a heat shield.

11. Pad the vacuum sealing tape.

12. Workpieces or containers that are prone to volatilization and affect vacuum hygiene under vacuum conditions and cause pipeline blockage and dirty vacuum pumps shall not be put into the furnace.

13. Where the product is added with forming agent (such as oil or paraffin), it must be removed before sintering into the furnace, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences.

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