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Domestic Professional Manufacturers of Atmospheric Tube Furnace

Notai atmosphere tubular furnace can sinter materials in vacuum or under inert gas protection. There are single temperature zone tubular furnace, double temperature zone tubular furnace, three temperature zone tubular furnace, five temperature zone tubular furnace, vertical tubular furnace and so on.
Rotary tubular furnace, multi-station tubular furnace, RTP slideway rapid annealing furnace, mini tubular furnace. The temperature can be divided into three stages: 1200, 1400 and 1700. Furnace tube size can be customized according to user's needs!
Atmospheric Tube Furnace
The main functions and characteristics of Notai atmospheric tubular furnace are as follows:
1. The furnace adopts imported alumina polycrystalline fiber material, which has good thermal insulation, durability and high performance. Efficiency and energy saving.
2. The heating element adopts imported high-quality alloy wire, which is durable and can reach 1200 C.
3. Adopting double shell structure, combined with thermal induction technology, and equipped with air cooling system, the surface temperature of the furnace body can be rapidly lowered.
4. Adopting RK fast flange connection reduces the possibility of damage to heating pipe and makes it more convenient and fast to take and discharge materials.
5. The design of upper open-type furnace cover can observe the heated material in real time and quickly cool down to meet the experimental needs of material quenching and sudden heating.
6. Intelligent PID high-precision control, self-tuning function, 30-segment programmable control, can set up 30-segment heating and cooling program, realize power loss-free.
7. Reserve the vacuum and air fast interface, cooperate with our vacuum and air mixing system, and satisfy the users to carry out experiments under different vacuum conditions and different atmospheres.
8. Reserve 485 conversion interface and connect with computer through our special software. It can realize the functions of remote control, real-time tracking, historical record and output report forms of single or multiple electric furnaces.
9. It has safety operation functions such as power off, over-temperature alarm, leakage protection and so on.
Why do heaters have radiation chambers and convection chambers?
1) The radiation chamber of the heating furnace has two functions: one is to serve as a combustion chamber; the other is to transfer the radiation heat transfer of the flame, high temperature flue gas and furnace wall from the burner to the medium through the furnace tube. The furnace relies mainly on the radiation chamber.
A small part of the radiation heat transfer depends on the convection heat transfer in the convection chamber, which only accounts for about 10% of the total heat transfer.
2) The main function of the convection chamber is to convection heat from the high temperature flue gas in the convection chamber to the medium in the furnace tube. There is also a small part of the radiative heat transfer of flue gas and furnace wall in the convection chamber. If a heating
If the furnace has only radiation chamber but no convection chamber, the exhaust gas temperature will increase, resulting in waste of energy, increased operating costs and reduced economic benefits. Therefore, convection chamber is usually set up in the design of heating furnace in order to be able to charge.
Recovery of heat from flue gas.

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