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Do you know why the tube of tubular furnace cokes?

Tube furnace is mainly used in metallurgy, tube glass, heat treatment, lithium positive and negative electrode data, new energy, abrasives and other professional measurement data under certain atmosphere conditions. Today, I would like to introduce to you the causes of coking in furnace tubes.
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1. The quality of tar is unstable, easy to coke at high temperature, or high moisture content of tar, dehydration effect may not be good;
2. The feeding of the heating furnace is shaking, which makes the temperature of the outlet of the furnace rise or fall suddenly.
3. The uneven distribution of heat in the furnace makes the tube part overheated.
4. When the feed rate is too small or stopped, the tar flow rate in the furnace tube is too slow, and the heat transfer resistance of the oil layer increases, the temperature of the tube wall is too high to form coking.
5. The incomplete operation of cleaning coke in furnace tube before start-up (refers to the furnace that has burned coke), the original coke in furnace tube has played an inductive effect, why coking promotes the occurrence of new coke;
6. Flame extinguishing furnace tube, partial overheating and coking;
7. Inspection of thermometer indicates failure, furnace temperature increases, no indicators come out, will also form cracking and coking of pipeline oil at high temperature.
Do you understand the reasons for coking in tube furnace tubes summarized above?

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