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How to Heat Tube Furnace and Coking Treatment

    Tube furnace heating is due to the use of gas and air dispersed incineration to form a high temperature flame, so that the furnace and partition wall heating, and heating the gas itself to a high temperature, on the other hand, the effect of gas activity moistening and convection heating. In the radiation chamber, the furnace tube is mainly subjected to high heat radiation, and the tar in the tube can be heated to 400 C, so it is suitable for two-stage heating.
Tube furnace heating
    There are 70 tubes in the convection chamber, which are mainly heat conduction due to the moisture of gas. The tar in the tubes can only be heated to 130 C, so it is suitable for two-stage heating and dehydration.

    The coking treatment of tubular oven is the most commonly used and the simplest method is air-steam coking method.

    It is found that after coking of tubular oven (the pressure of the second stage pump increases at the inlet of the oven when the processing quantity and moisture content and properties of tar remain unchanged), it is possible that the coking of the oven tube can be achieved by air-steam coking method; before air-steam coking method, the coking of the oven tube can be selected. It is suggested that the furnace tube is not blocked, and the coking treatment method is to pass air and steam into the inlet of the furnace in proportion, and to heat the furnace with gas to a certain temperature. The coke and air reactions (incineration) in the furnace tube are finally thoroughly removed.

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