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The muffle stove must be baked when it is used again.

When used again, the oven must be baked to prevent scald. When used again or after long-term shutdown, when used again, the oven must be baked.
box type furnace
The high temperature furnace box and controller must be placed on the flat floor or worktable in the room. After the muffle stove stops using, the controller should avoid vibration. Its position should not be too close to the resistance stove to prevent overheating and make the electronic parts not work properly.
When the thermocouple is inserted into the resistance furnace, the gap must be filled with asbestos rope. When the silicon-carbon rod high temperature resistance furnace is used in normal power, the temperature rises to about 800 C. The power of the furnace can be increased appropriately (adjusting the output knob of the controller). After reaching the required temperature, it can be adjusted to the standard power. It is absolutely forbidden to be used for a long time in excess of power.
Grounding wires must be installed. The thermocouple should not be pulled out or inserted suddenly at high temperature in order to prevent the outer casing from bursting.
Keep the studio clean regularly and remove the oxides in the studio in time. Attention should be paid to the opening structure of high temperature furnace door. Care should be taken in loading and unloading materials to avoid damage to silicon carbon rods.
Pay attention to the tightening of silicon and carbon rod clips, check the contact of wire clips and screw tightening regularly. Substances with alkalinity, such as alkali, alkaline soil, oxides of heavy metals, and silicates with low melting point, can oxidize silicon carbon rods at high temperatures.

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