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Principle of Atmospheric Furnace

 ​Atmosphere furnace is a well-known high-temperature experimental equipment which can provide atmosphere protection and various atmospheric environments.
     But users prefer to have a stable atmosphere. How to achieve automatic pressure stabilization and timely gas replenishment has become a function of concern to many users. .Dynamic intake and automatic pressure relief
​Atmosphere furnace
     One solenoid valve controls intake and the other relieves pressure. When the pressure gauge detects that the pressure is lower than a certain set pressure, it will give an electrical signal to the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve is connected, the air source will supply gas to the atmosphere furnace. When the pressure in the atmosphere furnace restores to a set value, the solenoid valve will close and no longer continue to feed gas. How to realize automatic pressure relief from the same principle in atmosphere furnace? This cycle ensures the stability and adequacy of the gas in the furnace.
    In fact, although the principle is simple, but to do a good job in the coordination of various electrical appliances and tracheal joint sealing and so on are the details to be carefully considered.
    If mixing system is used, the effect will be better, automation will be realized to a large extent, time and space of the experimenters will be liberated, and control will be more precise and accurate.

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