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How to choose the combustion mode of muffle furnace?

1. In order to achieve the economic operation target, we must solve the problem of complete combustion of fuel. How to choose the type of reform?
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2. Sufficiently high furnace temperature is the primary condition for fuel combustion. The low temperature at which the fuel begins to undergo intense oxidation is called ignition temperature. The heat required to heat the fuel above the ignition temperature is called a heat source. The heat source of fuel ignition in combustion chamber generally comes from thermal radiation of flame and furnace wall and contact with high temperature smoke. The combustion side of muffle furnace is composed of heat sources. The furnace temperature must be kept above the ignition temperature of fuel, that is, the furnace temperature must be high enough for the fuel to burn continuously. Otherwise, the fuel will be difficult to ignite, unable to burn, or even cut off.
3. Appropriate amount of air. Fuel must be fully exposed and mixed with enough air during combustion. When the furnace temperature is sufficiently high, the combustion reaction speed is very fast, and the oxygen in the air will be consumed quickly. It is necessary to supply enough air. However, the air fed into the furnace in actual operation is excessive, but the excess air can not be too much, so it should be appropriate to avoid lowering the furnace temperature.

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