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Characteristics of Microwave Heating in High Temperature Furnace

The key of high temperature sintering technology is microwave heating. The principle of microwave heating is to convert microwave electromagnetic energy into heat energy by means of electron polarization, atomic polarization, interface polarization and dipole polarization. Obviously, not all materials can be heated by microwave. Substances can be divided into three categories according to their interaction characteristics with microwave.
High Temperature Furnace

(1) Transparent insulators, mainly low-loss insulators, such as most macromolecule materials and some non-metallic materials, can partly reflect and partly penetrate microwave, and rarely absorb microwave. These materials can be in microwave field for a long time with very low calorific value. They are often used as microwave-transmitting materials in heating chambers, such as tetrafluoroethylene, etc. Wave transmission barrier of wave vacuum chamber.
(2) Total reflection type is mainly metal materials with good conductivity. The reflectivity of these materials to microwave is close to 1, and only a small amount of incident microwave can penetrate into it. They can be used as waveguide, microwave cavity and agitator in microwave heating equipment.
(3) Absorption type, mainly some dielectric materials between metal and insulator, including textile fiber materials, paper, wood, silicon carbide, zirconia, phosphor, ceramics, water, paraffin, etc. Microwave sintering technology is mainly applied to ceramic materials and metal powder materials. The characteristics of microwave sintering technology are integrity, instantaneity, selectivity, environmental friendliness, safety, high efficiency and energy saving. Microwave, as a clean energy source, has become a research hotspot in the field of materials and triggered a revolution in the field of sintering technology.

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