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Notela helps you understand the vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace

Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace with natural air insulation is light and easy to handle.
Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace
Temperature rise fast, 0-30 C/min can be set freely.
The temperature distribution in the high temperature furnace is uniform when heated by radiation on both sides.
Insulation: Imported high-temperature ceramic cotton insulation and ceramic board, rock wool triple insulation, etc.
Heater: Heater, durable, stable and fast heating.
Internal use of high-temperature ceramic plate, not easy to deform, external use of galvanized and high-temperature baking paint beautiful, not easy to paint off.
Specifications are: 1000, 1200, 1300, 1600, etc.
It can also customize special specifications of electric furnaces according to the needs of users.
Quick heating: 1000C furnace type from 100C to 1000C, less than 30 minutes
1700 degree furnace 100C to 1700C, less than 90 minutes
Efficiency: When used as an experimental furnace, air holes can be opened in and out, and flue gas can be added, which is conducive to filling in fresh oxygen and accelerating the test.
Because of the use of new ceramic fiber furnace, the heat preservation effect is good, heating up to 1000C, and keep the surface of the shell without burning hands after 1 hour to avoid scalding. (About 45-55C according to the use environment)
The sintering temperature can be significantly reduced, and the maximum sintering temperature can reach 500. C;
Reduce energy consumption by a large margin, and save energy up to 70-90%.
The sintering time can be shortened to more than 50%.
It can significantly improve the density of the structure, refine the grain size and improve the properties of the material. Detailed introduction please contact our professional customer service personnel

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