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Introduction of intelligent zirconia crystal furnace

The intelligent zirconia crystal furnace uses 1800 pure silicon molybdenum rods, which will not cause secondary pollution to the crown; adopts a circular structure, and the heating elements are evenly distributed on the circumference, making the temperature field more reasonable and uniform.
intelligent zirconia crystal furnace
   The furnace is heated on six sides, which is more uniform than the temperature field of the traditional muffle furnace, and the fired crown has better permeability and consistency. This zirconia crystallization furnace adopts a more user-friendly lower loading automatic lifting structure, which is convenient for loading and unloading; it is the best choice for denture processing factories.
   The heating element constitutes a heating furnace cavity with uniform heat distribution around the circumference, three-layer crucibles, and an automatic lifting structure underneath. According to the heating conditions of different zirconium blocks, multiple roasting curves that change with temperature can be preset, and the user can complete the roasting process independently according to the preset program, which is convenient and quick.
   Mainly used in denture processing plants to complete the crystallization and sintering of zirconia crowns, high temperature sintering and metal annealing in universities, research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises.
The main features are as follows:
1. Upgrade the touch screen operating system to make the operation more convenient.
2. Touch-screen control, convenient and fast, real-time temperature control detection, curve display, temperature control can be regularly adjusted for temperature.
3. Circular heating furnace structure design, built-in six heating elements.
4. Unique circular furnace design, the heating elements form a uniform heat distribution around, so that the heating is more uniform, and the fired crown has better permeability and consistency.
5. Lifting structure of the loading platform is convenient for safe access to sintered products.
6. Lifting loading platform with scientific and reasonable structure has become the mainstream sintering furnace type in the field of zirconia or alumina crystallization.
7. High-purity heating elements and refractory fibers keep the zirconia crystal clear.
8. The heating element adopts high-quality imported silicon molybdenum rods, which has high heating efficiency, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating, long life and long service life. The furnace is made of high-purity imported refractory fiber, which will never discolor the crown.
9. Real-time temperature control detection, heating dynamic curve display, furnace temperature can be regularly corrected.
10. Preset multiple heating curves according to customer needs, easy to operate, accurate, reliable and safe multi-segment programmable control for temperature control, which can simplify the complex test process and truly realize automatic control and operation.

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