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Why does the tube furnace burn?

Tube furnaces are often used in a variety of heating operation processes. Because of the use of internal heating tubes, all furnaces are compared to other heating furnaces, such as tube furnaces, muffle furnaces, pit furnaces, bell furnaces, The temperature rise of vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace, pre-air oxidation continuous production furnace and carbon fiber carbonization furnace is fast and symmetrical. The following is a detailed introduction to the scorching operation process of the tube furnace:

     1. The basic principle of the tube furnace burning operation process

     When the tube furnace is used for a long time, heating different workpieces will bring different chemical substances. In the process of continuous high-temperature heating, reactants or self-elevating molecular structures will be produced. The burning operation process of the tube furnace is to perform continuous high temperature impact after mixing steam and air in a certain proportion, and use the impact force to peel off the chemical substances attached to the wall of the tube furnace, and then discharge with the water to the tube furnace .

     2. The purpose of the tube furnace burning operation process
     1) Purifying tube furnace
     2) Strengthen the heating rate of the tube furnace
     3) Remove other gases in the heating furnace
     4) Speed up the heat dissipation of the tube furnace

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