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Detailed introduction of experimental electric furnace

Detailed introduction of the experimental electric furnace:
Experimental electric furnace
Chinese name: electric furnace, electric arc furnace
Foreign name: EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)
Energy conversion: thermal energy←electrical energy
Application areas: metallurgy; chemical industry
The experimental electric furnace is a heating furnace that converts the electric energy in the furnace into heat to heat the workpiece. Compared with the fuel furnace, the advantages of the electric furnace are: the furnace atmosphere is easy to control, and it can also be vacuumed; the material is heated quickly, the heating temperature is high, and the temperature is easy Control; the production process is easier to achieve mechanization and automation; good labor and hygiene conditions; high thermal efficiency; product quality is good, and more environmentally friendly, which is beneficial to alleviating the increasingly serious environmental problems.
Electric furnaces in the metallurgical industry are mainly used for smelting, heating and heat treatment of iron and steel, ferroalloys and non-ferrous metals. Industrial-scale electric furnaces appeared at the end of the 19th century. Since the 1950s, due to the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the decline in electricity costs with the development of the power industry, the proportion of electric furnaces in metallurgical furnace equipment has increased year by year.
Electric furnaces can be divided into resistance furnaces, box furnaces, muffle furnaces, vacuum furnaces, bell furnaces, atmosphere furnaces, tube furnaces, frit furnaces, etc. These products are highly energy-efficient, pollution-free, and the first choice for experimental experiments. The best equipment for small production furnaces.

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