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Decline in the number of patient-related dental laboratories

With the rapid decline in the number of dental laboratories in the United States, reducing the choice of dentists, the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) is committed to educating clinicians and the public about the importance of quality standards in dental laboratories.
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According to the NADL study, from 2006 to 2017, the number of dental laboratories in the United States will be reduced by 39%, which means that dentists will have fewer choices about where to send their cases. According to the press release, NADL believes this is an important time for dentists to ensure that the laboratories they use meet industry quality standards.

In order to educate dental professionals and their patients on this issue, NADL launched the "What's in your mouth?" campaign. In a recent press release, NADL provides five ways for dentists to identify laboratories that provide quality restorations. This includes understanding whether the laboratory is operating in a state where dental laboratory standards are specified; hoping to cooperate with a laboratory that has a certified dental technician; cooperating with a dental laboratory or DAMAS accredited laboratory; keeping abreast of legislative issues related to dental restoration; If you are using CDT or CDL, please inform your patients of the quality of the laboratories you work with.

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