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What are the tips for using vacuum sintering furnace?

Today, I will summarize the tips for safe use of vacuum sintering furnace:
vacuum sintering furnace
  1. First, connect the external main circuit switch and control circuit according to the wiring method of the vacuum sintering furnace drawing, and a safe and reliable grounding device to ensure that the wiring is accurate.
  2. Check whether all components and spare parts in the control box of the vacuum sintering furnace are complete and intact.
  3. The control box is installed on the opposite foundation and fixed in position.
  4. Ensure that the insulation resistance of the vacuum sintering furnace should be higher than 2 megohms.
  5. Check that the moving parts of the electrical equipment should move freely without jamming.
  6. Adjust the main power switch to the off position.
  7. The valves of the vacuum electric furnace are in the closed position.
  8. Put the alarm button to the on position.
  9. Complete the circulating cooling water connection of the machinery and equipment according to the vacuum sintering furnace plan. It is recommended that the user connect a spare water (available tap water) to the general inlet and outlet pipes of the machinery and equipment to avoid the failure of the circulating water or the burning of the sealing ring due to power failure.
  10. Turn the head counterclockwise by manually adjusting the pressure knob.

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