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Do you understand the key points of vacuum furnace maintenance?

    In fact, vacuum furnace manufacturers have long had such problems. User friends should also have certain maintenance and repair methods to avoid minor problems with the vacuum furnace. Today, we will introduce you to the maintenance instructions of the vacuum furnace.

     The service life of the vacuum furnace and the reduction of the thermal resistance of the heat shield, the volatilization of electric heating elements and the increase of resistance have a great influence. In actual production, the power is usually determined through empirical calculations, and the relationship between the volume of the heat shield vacuum furnace and the heating power.
Vacuum Heat shield furnace
   The maintenance of the vacuum furnace heat shield plays a role of heat insulation and heat insulation in the vacuum furnace, and sometimes serves as the structural basis for the fixed heater. There are generally four types of heat shields for vacuum furnaces: all-metal heat shields, sandwich heat shields, graphite felt heat shields and mixed felt heat shields. The main points of different heat shields should be mastered during maintenance.

   Molybdenum and tungsten materials are usually used in the 1-2 layers near the electric heating element of the vacuum furnace. Although stainless steel is used for the outer layer, the thickness should be as thin as possible (medium and small furnaces are usually o.2). The size of the 0.5mm large furnace is Before assembly, the surface of the heat shield should be processed into a smooth state to reduce the blackness and enhance the reflection effect. The number of insulation layers of 1300.C furnace is usually 5-6 layers, and the distance between layers is 5-10mm. The contact area of ​​multiple radiating panels should not be too large to reduce thermal short circuit. The heat shield should be telescopic and made into a detachable form to facilitate next maintenance.

    The above is the main points of vacuum furnace maintenance introduced by Nuotai Technology. The user must pay attention to the correct method during operation to ensure the quality and service life of the vacuum furnace.

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