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Operation points and maintenance of vacuum furnace

Operation points and maintenance of vacuum furnace

1. The furnace body, instruments and control cabinet should always be kept clean.

2. Do not store flammable or explosive materials within 2m of the furnace.

3. The paint on the surface of the furnace shell should be kept intact and painted regularly.

4. When the furnace temperature is higher than 400, the furnace door should not be opened for a long time.

5. The working temperature shall not exceed the maximum rated temperature of the furnace.

6. Regularly repair and improve the sealing measures of the furnace mouth.

7. Regularly lubricate the mechanical transmission.

8. Regularly check whether the graphite heater terminals are clamped, and tighten them in time.

9. Do not bring corrosive substances and moisture into the furnace.

10. After the graphite heaters are connected to each other, they should be separated in time after a power failure.

11. Regularly remove oxide scale and other impurities on the bottom of the furnace.
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Vacuum furnace repair

The recalibration of the heating power of the vacuum furnace should be appropriately increased under the influence of factors such as the extended use time, the thermal resistance of the heating furnace, the evaporation of the heating element and the large resistance. In actual production work, power is usually determined by empirical calculation methods.

The heat shield is thermally insulated in a vacuum furnace and is sometimes used as a structural basis for fixing the heater. It should be done with caution.

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