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Vacuum furnace in the experiment

  Vacuum furnace is generally composed of furnace, electric heating device, vacuum system, sealed shell, power supply system and temperature control system. The sealed furnace shell is welded with carbon steel or stainless steel, and the joint surface of the movable part is sealed with a vacuum sealing material. In order to prevent deformation of the housing and the sealing material does not deteriorate after heating, the housing is usually cooled by water or gas.
Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace
  Matters needing attention in the vacuum furnace experiment, such as the structure of the vacuum furnace, temperature control, heating technology, furnace atmosphere, etc., will directly affect the quality of the products after the vacuum furnace is produced. In the forging furnace, increasing the temperature of the metal will reduce its melting resistance, but too high a temperature will cause grain oxidation or excessive combustion, which greatly affects the quality of the product in the vacuum furnace. In the heat treatment process, if the steel is heated to a temperature higher than the critical temperature and then suddenly cooled, the hardness and strength of the steel can be improved. If the steel is heated to a temperature below the critical temperature and then slowly cooled, the steel will be tougher.

  Next, we will introduce the vacuum oven. As the name suggests, the vacuum oven is a high vacuum. Because its structure is circular, it can draw a high vacuum. When we have a vacuum furnace, why do we need an atmospheric furnace? This is in terms of price. Assuming that the customer's demand for vacuum is not high, then the atmosphere furnace can meet his requirements. How do you choose? In addition, the atmosphere furnace is generally in the air intake and exhaust at the same time, by maintaining the gas, it can also prevent the atmosphere from entering the furnace, which can fully meet the requirements of product processing.

  Vacuum sintering in a vacuum furnace refers to heating powder, powder briquettes or other materials at an appropriate temperature in a vacuum environment, and the bonding between particles is achieved through atomic migration. The purpose of sintering is to make porous powder compacts have a certain alloy structure and properties. The choice of heat insulation board: heat insulation board is the main part of the heating chamber of the vacuum sintering furnace. Its main function is to heat insulation, heat preservation and reduce heat loss. It is also the structural basis for fixed heaters. Therefore, the structure and material selection of the heat insulation board have a great influence on the power and performance of the vacuum furnace (such as vacuum degree, exhaust rate, etc.).

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