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Box type tempering furnace

  Today, I will introduce our box tempering furnace. The box tempering furnace is a national standard periodic operation box tempering electric furnace. The furnace roof is equipped with a hot air circulation fan, which is mainly used for tempering and heat treatment of alloy steel products and various metal parts. , And heat treatment of light alloys such as aluminum alloy and copper solid solution, annealing and aging.
1. Furnace body: The furnace shell is a rectangular structure welded by section steel and steel plate.
2. Furnace lining: Lightweight energy-saving bricks, ceramic fiber insulation.
3. Furnace door: It adopts manual or electric lifting, driven by chain.
4. Heating elements: use resistance wire or resistance band heating elements, arranged on both sides of the furnace chamber, furnace door, back wall, and furnace bottom.

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