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Introduction to Atmosphere Tube Furnace

Introduction to Atmosphere Tube Furnace

   The tube furnaces are all developed new, high-energy-saving electric furnaces using advanced international technology. There are multiple tube furnaces such as single and double tubes, openable vertical single and double, three temperature zones, and so on. It is mainly used for experiments and small-batch production in universities, colleges, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. Safe and reliable operation, simple control, high precision and temperature insulation
Good effect, large furnace chamber degree uniformity, high temperature zone, atmosphere, vacuum furnace type, etc. can be selected.
Atmosphere Tube Furnace
Choose a single set point or 30-segment programmable controller. Energy-saving ceramic fiber material and double-layer structure can reduce the surface temperature to room temperature. The uniform temperature zone chief is easy to operate, hermetically sealed and reliable, and the comprehensive performance index is relatively high, which is at the leading level in the country.
The furnace tube can be equipped with materials such as heat-resistant steel, stone, glass, ceramic tube, etc.
The advantages and disadvantages of tube furnace cracking

  The process and mature furnace type structure is simple, the operation is easy and convenient to control, and it can be produced continuously;
The applicable range is gradually expanding with the advancement of cracking technology; it can be combined with multiple furnaces for large-scale production.
  There is still a certain limit to the applicability of heavy raw materials. During cracking, because the heavy raw materials are easy to form coking, it does not shorten the cycle time and reduce the depth of cracking.
The light coke shortens the effective production time throughout the year, and also affects the life of the furnace tube.

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