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The structure and selection of vacuum furnace

   Vacuum furnaces can be divided into vertical and horizontal series according to the structure, and the vertical series are divided into bell lifting type and bottom tray lifting type. The horizontal series is divided into single door structure and front and rear double door structure. The furnace body adopts water-cooled sandwich wall structure.

  The heating and holding room adopts two types: all-metal type and composite type. The all-metal type uses heat-resistant stainless steel and molybdenum screen; the composite type uses heat-resistant stainless steel, molybdenum screen and carbon felt, mullite fiber or silicate fiber. composition. The specific choice depends on the user's process conditions and requirements for the process environment.

  There are several types of heaters such as nickel-chromium wire (belt), molybdenum wire (belt, rod), graphite, etc. The specific choice depends on the maximum temperature required by the user. There are two heater distribution methods, four-sided heating and omni-directional heating, to ensure the user's requirements for uniform temperature in the furnace.

  The cooling system has several types such as Roots blower outer circulation structure, centrifugal fan outer circulation structure, cold wall centrifugal fan inner circulation structure, etc., to meet the requirements of different cooling speeds.
Vacuum furnace
  The vacuum system includes ion pump + turbo molecular pump + mechanical pump, turbo molecular pump + mechanical pump, diffusion pump + roots pump + mechanical pump, roots pump + mechanical pump, cryogenic condensate pump + mechanical pump, etc. Selection of ultimate vacuum index (vacuum furnace).

  The temperature control adopts the imported intelligent temperature controller, which can realize the automatic control functions of heating, constant temperature, and cooling; it has a process curve storage function, which can store multiple different process curves; it has an adjustable temperature rise and fall speed and an accurate clock function, which can simultaneously Display various parameters such as actual temperature and set temperature; with PID parameter self-calculation and power-down protection functions.

  The vacuum furnace manufacturer has perfect alarm and protection measures.

  Equipped with an imported multi-point recorder, which can record the vacuum, pressure, temperature and other process curves of the entire process, which is convenient for process analysis, quality monitoring and production management.

  The vacuum gauge can be a highly reliable imported digital intelligent vacuum gauge or a domestic high-quality vacuum gauge to ensure that the vacuum degree and temperature control are interlocked to meet the process requirements.

   The entire process is controlled by imported programmable controller (PLC), all actions are protected by chain, with manual and automatic working modes, the user can choose the full manual working mode, or the mode of group control of multiple industrial computers .

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