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The development prospects of box atmosphere furnace heat treatment industry

   The heat treatment industry is very important in the manufacturing industry. For example, the box atmosphere furnace has given us great help in our daily life. What will happen to my country's heat treatment industry with the development of manufacturing industry? Driven by technological transformations in the automotive, aviation, weapons, mold and basic parts industries, heat treatment technological transformation and equipment renewal climaxes in other industries will follow. At present, the height and depth of technological transformation of enterprises have begun to show obvious changes. Most enterprises are no longer satisfied with the replacement of conventional technology and equipment, but tend to move forward step by step. Many private enterprises pay more attention to the effective investment of funds, giving priority to purchasing high-tech, high-quality, and high-reliability equipment. In order to achieve high-level production goals, they will not hesitate to spend more.
box atmosphere furnace
   The strong momentum of enterprise technological transformation has brought more opportunities to the equipment manufacturing industry. In the heat treatment furnace, the demand for conventional equipment such as box type, pit type and salt bath furnace will be further reduced. What is needed is more advanced technology, high reliability and automation, energy saving and pollution-free equipment. This requires manufacturers to clearly and accurately grasp the development trends of new equipment at home and abroad and the market needs of users, and propose their own product development plans and measures to achieve their goals. The technological transformation of heat treatment enterprises has enabled more joint-stock enterprises and individual private enterprises to maintain a great demand for advanced box atmosphere furnaces.

   But we not only need to see the goodness it brings, we still need to pay attention to many things that we don't fully care about. For example, the development of the enterprise is not balanced, the degree of specialization is not high, the energy waste is relatively large, most of the equipment is still outdated, the awareness of environmental protection and safety production is weak, the development ability of new equipment is low, the quality of auxiliary materials is not high, and the quality of employees needs to be improved, etc. . In short, the situation is promising, but the problem cannot be ignored. Such a strong momentum of development, I think it will definitely bring us a better box atmosphere furnace.

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