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Method for cleaning the hearth of atmosphere furnace

The method of furnace cleaning:
Atmosphere furnace cleaning
   1. The protective gas should generally be passed into the furnace before the electric furnace is heated.

  2. The protective gas can be introduced through the upper, lower, rear three or two or a single furnace cleaning port. The needle valve of the exhaust port should be opened to the maximum to facilitate the exhaust of the air in the furnace cavity as soon as possible.

  3. Generally, a protective gas of about 10 times the volume of the furnace cavity is introduced into the furnace cavity to reduce the air concentration in the furnace cavity to about 10 ppm.

        4. When the air concentration in the furnace cavity meets the product process requirements, close all the furnace cleaning ports, and then adjust the needle valve of the exhaust port to prevent air from being poured into the furnace cavity. The protective gas is controlled by the air inlet through a flow meter. The needle valve enters the furnace cavity.

  5. During the use of the electric furnace, through the flow control of the flow meter and the mixed adjustment of the opening of the exhaust port, a slight positive pressure must be maintained in the furnace cavity to prevent the air outside the furnace cavity from entering the furnace cavity.

   6. After the product is taken out from the atmosphere furnace after use, the furnace cavity still needs to be filled with protective gas and maintain a slight positive pressure, so that the next time it is used, the operation steps can be reduced and the protective gas can be saved.

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