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How to troubleshoot the failure of high temperature furnace without suction

The troubleshooting method of the failure that the chimney does not draw power during the drying process of the high temperature furnace
high temperature furnace
     During the drying process, sometimes the chimney gradually cools down and no suction power is produced. This situation usually occurs on the furnace with lower smoke exhaust and long flue. The lack of suction from the chimney will affect the normal operation of the oven and at the same time make the working environment around the furnace worse.

     How can I find that the chimney is not pumping? When the furnace of the pit annealing furnace is baked to a certain temperature, open the side furnace door and feel a strong hot gas ejection, indicating that the pressure of the furnace flag is too high and the flue gas cannot be discharged. Open the flue gate This phenomenon cannot be eliminated, which means that the chimney has no suction. This situation can be further confirmed by placing a torch on the flue opening at the end of the furnace and observing the flame movement.

     The troubleshooting method for the failure of the high-temperature furnace chimney without suction is to pile dry firewood at the entrance hole of the flue and the root of the chimney, pour it with fuel oil or kerosene and ignite it to make the flame as strong as possible until the exhaust gas from the furnace is attracted.

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