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How is the performance of the laboratory electric furnace

How is the performance of the laboratory electric furnace
laboratory electric furnace
  How about the performance of the experimental electric furnace? It is understood that the laboratory electric furnace is also called a vacuum atmosphere electric furnace, which can provide an experimental environment under a vacuum or a special protective atmosphere. In recent years, it is a very popular furnace product.

It is understood that this type of experimental electric furnace is manufactured using the principle of converting electrical energy into heat energy. The heating element is fully enclosed in insulating and high-temperature resistant materials. The surface of the furnace shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates and coated with temperature-resistant materials to make it clean , Anti-corrosion, anti-oil fume, easy to clean, clean and hygienic.

   At the same time, the surface of the experimental electric furnace sprays non-toxic non-stick coating, and it can also directly bake food. And it has the advantages of fast heating, convenient use, high thermal efficiency, particularly safe and durable.

According to the above analysis of the advantages of the experimental electric furnace, it has also been verified by practice. This kind of furnace is widely used in the laboratories and laboratories of various universities, industrial and mining enterprises, environmental protection, hospitals, scientific research and other units. One of the indispensable equipment, but also an ideal appliance for household heating.

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