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Use of energy-saving tubular electric furnace

At present, the application of energy-saving tubular electric furnaces in the market is becoming more and more extensive. There may be some people who do not understand this product comprehensively, let alone some safe operating procedures when using it. Today, I will introduce to you Some problems in the use of tubular electric furnace.

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   Check the gas pipeline valve tightness and the pressure value on the gas pipeline before starting the furnace, and check whether there are other faults between the push rod mechanism, the pull rod mechanism and the lifting mechanism of the empty furnace test. The compression spring should be loosened to the specified size range before use.

   Then adjust the water level of the water seal, temporarily close the furnace door at the feed end, and then open the furnace door at the discharge end for inspection. When the kerosene inside sprays out to form a misty flow direction, close the furnace door. The exhaust gas should be discharged through a valve without a water seal. When placing the parts, try to avoid that the edges of the parts do not exceed the length of the bottom plate. When the Luoyang energy-saving tubular electric furnace is shut down, all furnace areas must be cooled to the same temperature before a reasonable natural cooling.

The above are the problems encountered in the use of energy-saving tubular electric furnaces. The furnace products we produce have fully automatic control, fast heating, energy saving, simple operation, microcomputer control, programmable, automatic temperature rise and fall, temperature control accuracy and constant temperature High precision, furnace temperature close to indoor temperature and other characteristics, well received by customers.

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