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When using a vacuum atmosphere furnace, these problems should be paid attention to!

The vacuum atmosphere furnace is an advanced heat treatment equipment that has been greatly developed in recent years. The workpiece is heated at a pressure far below one atmosphere, which can avoid oxidation during the heating process.
vacuum atmosphere furnace
  The pressure of the vacuum atmosphere furnace using nitrogen quenching during the quenching process can reach 6-10bar, so pay attention to the extreme pressure of the pipeline and avoid the personal injury to the operator by the ultra-low temperature. The overall advantages of vacuum furnaces are good quality, energy saving, safety and less pollution.

   During the operation of the vacuum atmosphere furnace, the control cabinet of the power distribution cabinet uses low voltage to control the high voltage, and the general operator will not directly touch the high voltage, usually 24V or 36V. However, the power supply voltage is still 380V, and the electrical components in the power distribution cabinet also have 380V voltage. Therefore, it is still necessary to pay attention to the safe use of electricity. During the production process, the Luoyang vacuum atmosphere furnace must strictly ensure air tightness. This is the prerequisite for ensuring the vacuum state. The circulating water in the body must also ensure that there is no water leakage. When connecting the furnace body and other components, the sealing ring must be used for the connection, and the cleanliness of the connection surface must be ensured and vacuum grease must be applied. The contact surface should be wiped clean with volatile liquid such as acetone.

  The work piece to be installed in the furnace must ensure its cleanliness. The oil stains and iron chips on the surface will volatilize at high temperatures, which will contaminate the furnace body and block some necessary pipes, resulting in damage to the Luoyang vacuum atmosphere furnace.

   In the process of installing the furnace in the vacuum atmosphere furnace, the workpieces should be placed uniformly to make the heating process more uniform and ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature. Long workpieces should be erected as much as possible to reduce the deformation caused by gravity at high temperatures.

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