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What should you pay attention to when installing a high-temperature muffle furnace

What should you pay attention to when installing a high-temperature muffle furnace
high-temperature muffle furnace
   In order to ensure the normal operation of the high-temperature muffle furnace, we recommend that you open the package first after receiving the high-temperature muffle furnace, and check whether the high-temperature muffle furnace is intact and whether the accessories are complete. After confirming that it is correct, pay attention to the following points during installation:

   1. Normally, the high-temperature muffle furnace does not need special installation. It only needs to be placed flat on a solid cement table or shelf indoors, and there should be no flammable and explosive materials around. The controller should avoid vibration, and the location should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent internal components from not working properly due to overheating.

  2. Insert the thermocouple into the furnace for 20-50mm, and fill the gap between the hole and the thermocouple with asbestos rope.

  3. A power switch needs to be installed at the lead-in of the power cord to control the total power supply. In order to ensure safe operation, the electric furnace and the controller must be reliably grounded.

  4. Set the operating temperature required for temperature adjustment, and then turn on the power. Turn on work, the electric furnace is powered on, and the input current, voltage, output power and real-time temperature are displayed on the control panel. As the internal temperature of the electric furnace increases, the real-time temperature will also increase. This phenomenon indicates that the system is working normally.

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