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What is the development trend of high temperature resistance furnace

In the future, the high-temperature resistance furnace technology will have distinct characteristics of the times, with four major characteristics: intelligence, high quality, low cost, and environmental protection.
high temperature resistance furnace
  1, intelligent

  Develop and use newer programs and heat treatment databases, computer simulation technology and control technology, and adopt a highly flexible and intelligent integrated control and management system in Luoyang high temperature resistance furnace and its production line. In the future, equipment operators only need to input the number of workpieces and patterns to be processed into the computer, and the entire equipment will process high-quality products by itself.

   Real-time multi-project operation control of the entire system has been realized, such as controlling the loading amount, operating speed, temperature, carbon potential, etc. It can realize multiple group control systems, full-screen monitoring and control of batch feeding dynamics. It can be fully controlled by the process program, can store several processes, can completely record the process parameters (part number, material, temperature, atmosphere, etc.) detected in the operating conditions of the Luoyang high-temperature resistance furnace, and send it to the computer for processing and storage records. Read and print at any time, can store ten years of records.

  2, high quality

   The mass dispersion rate is zero, and the heat treatment distortion becomes zero. Quality control measures:

   Equipment temperature control: Luoyang high temperature resistance furnace temperature stability ≤ ± 1 ℃, furnace temperature uniformity ≤ 5 ℃, cold treatment temperature uniformity ≤ 5 ℃, switch temperature control will be eliminated.

   Furnace atmosphere control: the uniformity of the atmosphere in the high-temperature energy-saving resistance furnace is ≤±0.05%C. Oxygen probe, carbon removal air pump, carbon potential controller, furnace gas regulator are commonly used on resistance furnaces to reliably cooperate.

Quenching tank control: in terms of ensuring the uniformity of workpiece hardness and reducing part deformation, it has developed from simply reducing the cooling rate in the past to devoting to improving cooling uniformity. The quenching tank is equipped with an adjustable speed and powerful agitator, and the flow field of the quenching tank is emphasized. Temperature uniformity, the temperature of the quenching tank is controllable. The computer cooling medium performance tester is accepted by many users.

   It can be seen that the future development of high-temperature resistance furnaces is still very impressive. If you have any needs, please contact us

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