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How to install the box furnace

   The box furnace can be placed on the workbench to suit the physiological operating height of the human body. The load-bearing capacity of the workbench should be greater than 200KG.
Chamber furnace electrical installation
Box furnace power configuration: 220V (380V). According to the user's electric control cabinet configuration power should be greater than 4Kw.
    The box-type furnace thermocouple is inserted into the furnace with a depth of 25mm, and is connected with the temperature control instrument with the compensation wire of the N graduation number. Note: The quartz tube should be installed first and then the thermocouple. The thermocouple should not be in contact with the quartz tube. The electric furnace and the control cabinet are grounded as a whole, and the grounding resistance of the grounding wire should be less than 4Ω..
Box furnace resistance wire connection mode: two wires in parallel, power supply: single-phase 220V (or 380V).

operator of the box-type furnace and electric furnace should have the corresponding national electrical equipment operating qualifications, and be familiar with the technical documents such as the electric kiln instrument manual!

1 Temperature system operation:
box furnace temperature instrument
box furnace user switch board powers the electric furnace, at this time the program table is powered, set the instrument according to the temperature instrument manual (such as P, I, D parameters), and prepare the heating according to the process requirements Program, turn on the heating knob to make the heating power reach 6KW. The heating power can be calculated as follows:
heating power = instrument voltage × instrument current. The
normal heating current is about 22A, and the heating voltage is about 220V.
Heating stop: After the program temperature ends, the execution time =0 section program, the heating ends. Turn the stop button to the off position. Disconnect user switch.
a. The set temperature of the box furnace program shall not be higher than the parameter temperature of the electric furnace.
b. Do not open the furnace door when the box furnace electric furnace is working. When taking the product, wait until the furnace temperature is below 100°C.
c. When the box furnace is heating up, the heating power must not exceed 6KW, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

Check and tighten
Due to transportation and other reasons, check the fastening of each screw of the furnace body to confirm that it is correct.

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