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How to extend the service life of box-type experimental electric furnace

   The box-type experimental electric furnace of our company is designed by our company’s digital engineers. It is designed to facilitate the use of customers and the original intention of the design based on the use of product quality. The production process is as small as a screw and as large as the shell of the box. All workshop workers are carefully crafted and strive for perfection: After-sales service, we have a full set of dedicated staff to receive customers 24 hours a day. When customers encounter problems, our after-sales staff will respond in time and make reasonable solutions that satisfy customers.
box-type experimental electric furnace
How to extend the service life of the high temperature box type experimental electric furnace? The following are some suggestions given by the engineer:

1. Before opening the furnace, check the tightness of the gas pipeline valve and the pressure on the gas pipeline cannot be lower than the regulated value. 
2. Task status of push rod mechanism, pull rod mechanism and lifting mechanism in empty furnace experiment. 
3. Loosen the compression spring to the regular size area. 
4. Adjust the water level of the water seal, open the valve of the water seal to discharge the extinguishing pipe, and close the valve of the water seal. 
5. Close the furnace door at the feed end and open the furnace door at the discharge end to observe, and close the furnace door when the direction of kerosene spraying to form a mist movement is normal. 
6. Light the extinguishing mouth of the feeding chamber. 
7. Exhaust gas should be discharged through a valve with no water seal. 
8. Continuous consumption carburizes the furnace pot. 
9. When the parts are placed, the distance between the parts is not less than 5 mm; the edge of the parts does not exceed the length of the base plate and the regular height. 
10. It is necessary to quickly open and close the inlet and outlet doors, but the speed of the push-pull rod must be bumpy.

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