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What is a high temperature furnace

   The high-temperature furnace is an important heating equipment. Use the experimental furnace correctly and reasonably. The high-temperature furnace can keep the electric furnace in performance and provide the service life of the electric furnace. So what is the use of the experimental electric furnace and the high-temperature furnace?
high-temperature furnace
1. For the experimental furnace, when the high-temperature furnace is used or used again after long-term shutdown, the furnace must be preheated, that is, the electric furnace is preheated, and the furnace time is more than four hours. The stability of the oven is between 200°C and 600°C. When in use, the furnace temperature should not exceed the rated temperature, so as not to burn the heating element . Of course, the temperature should not be too low, which will affect the effect of the oven. Therefore, the oven must be baked at the specified temperature and time.

2. It is forbidden to pour various liquids and easily soluble metals into the furnace to avoid damage to the furnace.

3. Experimental furnace, high temperature furnace, it is better to work below the high temperature 50℃. At this time, the furnace wire has a longer life. It is good to work around the rated temperature. Do not work at high temperature, which can increase the service life of the furnace.

4. The controller of the experimental electric furnace and high temperature furnace must work in a place where the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, and there is no conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gas.

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