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Detailed introduction about cleaning of tube laboratory furnace

Tubular experimental furnace cleaning plan:
tube laboratory furnace
  Tubular experimental furnace is a literary meaning, and is mainly used for experiments, mostly for quantitative analysis of sintering and ashing experiments; it is a kind of batch-type resistance furnace, but it does not mean that batch-type electric furnace is tube-type experimental furnace.
, The gas burner needs to be cleaned with kerosene before carburizing.
2. The furnace tank of the tubular experimental furnace is cleaned once a week during continuous production, and the cleaning of the intermittent production furnace should be carried out immediately after the furnace is shut down.
3. When the cleaning temperature of the furnace tank is 850 ~ 870 ℃, the chassis should be taken out.
4. When using a compressed air nozzle to blow in from the feed end of the tube-type experimental furnace, the valve should not be opened too much, and it should be moved back and forth to avoid partial overheating.

    Remind you the precautions when using the tube-type experimental furnace: always pay attention to the burning situation and gas pressure in each area; do not stand by the side when the furnace door is opened to prevent the flame from erupting and burn; pay attention to whether the incinerator nozzle in the department is burned and used torches Check whether the wedge-shaped door is leaking; when the flame of the incinerator is found to be subsided during work, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and then the air valve should be closed; during the work of the tube-type experimental furnace, the parts should be dropped or the wedge-shaped door switch should be stopped, and the feed should be stopped. Take out the parts.

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